About Us

I don’t consider myself, or my life, all that remarkable. But sometimes people comment that they’re amazed at what I can get done.

I suppose it looks like a lot on paper: I have two careers, working as a freelance writer and choir director. I’m married with four kids. And yet I find time to stay in shape, to go to church daily, and to nurture a pretty good relationship with friends and family.

So, maybe I do have some useful advice to pass along to others who share my passion for getting the most out of life.

My friend, we were all put on this earth for some reason. We were each given unique talents that we’re expected to put to good use. We don’t really deserve these gifts; they’re ours on loan. But if we squander them by wasting countless hours in idle and inefficient pursuits, these talents will be wasted—and the whole world will be poorer as a result.

So, let’s work together to get the most out of our lives. At a glance, it can all seem overwhelming. How do you maximize every moment?

Don’t think like that. Just focus on one day at a time—because today is all we have. There’s no guarantee that we’ll wake up in the morning, so let’s focus on getting today as good as we can.

Let’s Win the Day. Today. Every day.

Don’t worry about where you’ve been. Don’t worry about how far you are from where you want to be.

Just get today as good as you can. And then wake up tomorrow (if you’re given the gift of tomorrow) and do it all over again.

Over time, you’ll start to see massive changes in your life. After a few weeks, a few months, a year, you’ll look back and realize how easy the hard things have gotten. How attainable your long-term goals have become.

It all starts today. It can start right now.

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